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Updated readme for release 3.1.0.
This adds a section about the new commands, updates out-of-date
references, and highlights the translator as the currently most
interesting component.
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plasp requires a C++17 compiler (preferably GCC ≥ 6.1 or clang ≥ 3.8) and CMake for building.

git clone
cd plasp
mkdir -p build/release
cd build/release
cmake ../.. -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release

The built plasp binary is then located at plasp/build/release/bin/plasp.

To update plasp to the most recent version, perform the following steps:

cd plasp
git checkout master
git pull
cd build/release
cmake .

Running the Tests

plasp provides unit tests written with Catch2. Before building and running the tests, make sure you have fetched the Catch submodule:

git submodule init
git submodule update

Afterward, enable the flag BUILD_TESTS in your CMake configuration. Finally, build and run the tests as follows:

make run-tokenize-tests
make run-pddl-tests
make run-tests

After updating plasp, make sure to execute CMake again in order for the tests to run correctly. Else, external files required by the test suite may be reported missing.